Murray & Roberts Water provides complete water treatment solutions with appropriate technology and commercial packages that are structured to meet specific client requirements.

Murray & Roberts Water is able to source the best globally available technology and equipment to provide integrated solutions that best achieve a projects objectives as it does not hold technology patents nor own proprietary equipment. This is apart from an exclusive license agreement for Organica Waste Water Treatment Technology.

Murray & Roberts Water has tried and tested project delivery systems and experienced and capable project delivery resources to ensure that it delivers an excellent project outcome through:

  • Internalising and achieving project objectives
  • Delivering projects on time
  • Delivering projects within budget
  • Meeting quality specifications
  • Focussing on safety, health and environment
  • Managing change and mitigating risk
  • Integrating project stakeholders

Murray & Roberts Water is a business operating within the Power, Industrial & Water platform, part of the Murray & Roberts Group. Backed by an internationally recognised brand, Murray & Roberts Water has access to world-class resources and skills within the Group. The Group’s strong balance sheet underpins commercial guarantees issued by Murray & Roberts Water and, coupled with its technical competence and track record of successful project delivery in the global market, provides project lenders with comfort in a financed project environment.